50 Enviable Platinum Blonde Hairstyles That Just Might Inspire You To Go Blonde

Noelle Breckenridge

Emily Gold 11-09-2016 AM ET / 0 Shares

Possibly the most transformative hair trend in existence, going blonde, or for the sake of this article, going platinum blonde, is just as popular and life changing as ever. “OMG” is usually the first response from friends and family and it feels so good. In this article we’re going to showcase the best and most fantastic ways to wear platinum blonde color. Below you’ll find 50 ways to go platinum blonde that will send your friends and family into a proper jealous rage.

Piecey waves.

Piecey waves by Patricia J

(Patricia J)

Side-swept look.

Side-swept look by Emily Luciano⠀

(Emily Luciano)

Shaggy cool tone blonde.

Shaggy cool tone blonde by Marissa Mae Neel

(Marissa Mae Neel)

Creamy dimensional blonde.

Creamy dimensional blonde by Jackelyn Hyland

(Jackelyn Hyland)

Natural texture.

Natural texture by Sal Salcedo

(Sal Salcedo)

White blonde bob.

White blonde bob by Studio Bonbon

(Studio Bonbon)

Relaxed curls.

Relaxed curls by Matt Rez

(Matt Rez)

Platinum white blonde ombre.

Platinum white blonde ombre by Elin Johansson

(Elin Johansson)

Half-up braid.

Half-up braid by Patricia J

(Patricia J)

Messy white blonde.

Messy white blonde by Elle Style Studio RVA

(Elle Style Studio RVA)