50 Insanely Romantic Wedding Hairstyles for 2018

Emily Gold 09-23-2017 PM ET / 0 Shares

Loose braid and low chignon.

Loose braid and low chignon by Tanya Borisova

(Tanya Borisova)

Pastel lavender bun.

Pastel lavender bun by Stephanie Brinkerhoff

(Stephanie Brinkerhoff)

Sleek, twisted, low chignon.

Sleek, twisted, low chignon by Chiali Meng

(Chiali Meng)

Headband braid.

Headband braid by Ulyana Aster

(Ulyana Aster)

Effortless side updo.

Effortless side updo by Victoria Lee

(Victoria Lee)

Twinkling pearl vine.

Twinkling pearl vine by The real Twigs & Honey

(The real Twigs & Honey)

Ballerina bun.

Ballerina bun by Vera Fursova

(Vera Fursova)

Boho updo.

Boho updo by Stephanie Brinkerhoff

(Stephanie Brinkerhoff)

Rose updo.

Rose updo by Lalas Updos

(Lalas Updos)

Textured curls.

Textured curls by Elstilespb