50 Low Updo Hairstyles for Sophisticated Brides

50 Low Updo Hairstyles for Sophisticated Brides

Emily Gold 03-06-2017 AM ET / 0 Shares

There’s nothing more traditional than a low and elegant bridal updo. For as long as I can remember, some sort of updo was almost required before any type of wedding contract could even be signed. Even today, wedding updos are as popular as ever.

But why are bridal updos so popular? We spoke to seasoned stylist Mary Collins, who has been doing hair for over 40 years, and while she initially shrugged her shoulders in bewilderment when asked about the popularity of bridal updos, she eventually came up with three very compelling reasons:

It’s all about the dress. Many things go into a successful wedding but few are as scrutinized and as important as the dress. It’s usually the first thing people see, and, well, it’s your wedding dress! God forbid should your hair take any attention away from, or even worse obscure the view of your dress.

The ability to add decoration. Updos form the perfect base for floral pins and the like. These items are often selected to add a more decorative element to bridal hairstyles.

Photographs. Wedding photographs are usually the most important photograph of your life. They’re what you show people and what you refer to 50 years later to show everyone how pretty you were. Flowing hairstyles can take attention away from the face and be a nightmare during any sort outdoor shoot with a breeze.

Luxurious feminine low updo.

Luxurious feminine low updo by Chiali Meng

(Chiali Meng)

Vintage inspired updo.

Vintage inspired updo by Steph


Headband knotty bun.

Headband knotty bun by Victoria Lee

(Victoria Lee)

Braid wrap around bun.

Braid wrap around bun by Noella Van de Voorde

(Noella Van de Voorde)

Romantic low bun.

Romantic low bun by Stella Loewnich

(Stella Loewnich)

Low chignon and headband braid.

Low chignon and headband braid by Elstilespb


Sleek and voluminous.

Sleek and voluminous by Nicole Drège

(Nicole Drège)

Rope side crown braid.

Rope side crown braid by Steph


French braided updo.

French braided updo by Ulyana Aster

(Ulyana Aster)

Sleek tucked chignon.

Sleek tucked chignon by Anne-Marie Dargas

(Anne-Marie Dargas)