50 Medium-Length Haircuts You Don’t Have But Should

Emily Gold 05-31-2018 PM ET / 0 Shares

Medium-length hairstyles are more than perfect for a few reasons: They give you all the comfort of long hair without as much of the drama, and they’re incredibly versatile—easy to put up while still giving you room to create almost any look you like. With that being said, here are 50 gorgeous looks you may want to check out.

Side-swept look.

Side-swept look by Sal Salcedo

(Sal Salcedo)

Rock on blondies.

Rock on blondies by Sara Pestella

(Sara Pestella)

Natural waves.

Natural waves by Tim Morrison

(Tim Morrison)

Golden blonde highlights.

 Golden blonde highlights by Anh Co Tran

(Anh Co Tran)

Smooth layers and waves.

Smooth layers and waves by Michelle Zeller Porumb

(Michelle Zeller Porumb)

Airy layers.

Airy layers by Ashlee Norman

(Ashlee Norman)

Vintage rose.

Vintage rose by Buddy Porter

(Buddy Porter)

Subtle A-line.

 Subtle A-line by Maggiemh


Center parted fringe.

Center parted fringe by Romeu Felipe

(Romeu Felipe)

Inverted lob.

Inverted lob by Carlos A Castellanos

(Carlos A Castellanos)