50 Pretty Wedding Hairstyles You Can Do Yourself

Emily Gold 06-04-2018 PM ET / 0 Shares

We always hear about weddings costing a small fortune but the truth of the matter is, weddings don’t have to be expensive. In fact, money saved on weddings is often a point of pride for many newlywed couples. Although it’s not a huge money-saver, doing your own hair is a no-brainer—especially when you consider how easy it is to pull off a professional looking hairstyle with some practice and a little patience. With all things considered, we’ve put together a collection of 50 bridal hairstyles to help you pull off that perfect look all by yourself.

Sleek bun.

Sleek bun by Kasia Fortuna

(Kasia Fortuna)

Tousled texture.

Tousled texture by Sarajane Maples

(Sarajane Maples)

Low ponytail with twist accent.

Low ponytail with twist accent by S.I.L Hair

(S.I.L Hair)

Updo swirl bun.

Updo swirl bun by The real Twigs & Honey

(The real Twigs & Honey)

Front row braid.

Front row braid by Dvir Tvik

(Dvir Tvik)

Boxer braid updo.

Boxer braid updo by Jo Irving

(Jo Irving)

Inside-out ponytail.

Inside-out ponytail by Jennie Kay Beauty

(Jennie Kay Beauty)

Twisted bun.

Twisted bun by Tonya Stylist

(Tonya Stylist)

Half updo.

Half updo by Ulyana Aster

(Ulyana Aster)

Effortless low bun.

Effortless low bun by Elstilespb