50 Pretty Wedding Hairstyles You Can Do Yourself

Emily Gold 06-04-2018 PM ET / 0 Shares

Mini braid wrapped high bun.

Mini braid wrapped high bun by Missy Sue

(Missy Sue)

Mixed side braid.

Mixed side braid by Stephanie Brinkerhoff

(Stephanie Brinkerhoff)

Soft texture.

Soft texture by Kasia Fortuna

(Kasia Fortuna)

Baby braid.

Baby braid by Kayley Melissa

(Kayley Melissa)

Low pony with side dutch braid.

 Low pony with side dutch braid by Natalie Anne

(Natalie Anne)

Half-up braid.

Half-up braid by LeletNY

(Lelet NY)

Romantic rope braid.

Romantic rope braid by Alexandra Wilson

(Alexandra Wilson)

High knot with butterflies.

High knot with butterflies by Dvir Tvik

(Dvir Tvik)

Classic ponytail.

 Classic ponytail by Nicole Drege

(Nicole Drege)

Braided updo.

Braided updo by Heather Chapman

(Heather Chapman)