50 Short Hairstyles to Try Now

Emily Gold 09-23-2017 PM ET / 0 Shares

Although there’s nothing like a red hot summer to convince you to go short, the fall can be an even better time to experiment with a new hairstyle because hey, if things go horribly wrong, it’s easier to weather things out inside for a while than it would be in the summer. After looking through the following 50 haircuts, we’re confident you’ll find something special that’s just too good to pass up.

Side undercut.

Side undercut by Sal Salcedo

(Sal Salcedo)

Lilac blush blonde bob.

Lilac blush blonde bob by Linh Phan

(Linh Phan)

Sleek bob.

Sleek bob by Kristin Ess

(Kristin Ess)

Cool toned ashy highlights.

Cool toned ashy highlights by Ash Fortis

(Ash Fortis)

Glam waves.

Glam waves by Emma Chen

(Emma Chen)

Side-swept look.

Side-swept look by Adrianna Christina

(Adrianna Christina)

Fresh and clean.

Fresh and clean by Suzie K

(Suzie K)

Curly pixie.

Curly pixie by Emily Anderson

(Emily Anderson)

Soft bob.

Soft bob by Sal Salcedo

(Sal Salcedo)

Strawberry brunette.

Strawberry brunette by Chris Weber Mirlach

(Chris Weber Mirlach)