50 Short & Hot Haircuts for Round Faces

Emily Gold 06-16-2018 AM ET / 0 Shares

“I hate my round face.” I’ve heard it time and again. No one really hates it but you. But we all have our own insecurities to deal with. So if your beautiful round face is something that has an impact on your self-confidence, then a haircut that helps break the contours of your face might just be the answer—assuming bone shaving, organ reduction, and a visit to MJ’s plastic surgeon are off the table ;).

And to prove it to you, I’ve assembled a collection of the very best haircuts perfectly suited for women with round faces.

Asymmetrical lob.

Asymmetrical lob by Mika Rogerson

(Mika Rogerson)

Textures and waves.

Textures and waves by Chris jones

(Chris Jones)

Lilac pink.

Lilac pink by Sarah


Beach texture.

Beach texture by Adrianna Christina

(Adrianna Christina)

Metallic ombre.

Metallic ombre by Linh Phan

(Linh Phan)

Soft texture.

Soft texture by Mika Rogerson

(Mika Rogerson)

Choppy bangs.

Choppy bangs by Sal Salcedo

(Sal Salcedo)

Soft and flowing.

Soft and flowing by Jenna Shields

(Jenna Shields)

Shaggy layers.

Shaggy layers by Tim Morrison

(Tim Morrison)

Neck-grazing bob.

Neck grazing bob by Romeu Felipe

(Romeu Felipe)

Bohemian vibe.

Bohemian vibe by Tim Morrison

(Tim Morrison)

Glamorous curls.

Glamorous curls by Sam Daly

(Sam Daly)

Blunt bangs.

Blunt bangs by Ara Ko

(Ara Ko)

Razored bob.

Razored bob by Edwin


Perfectly tousled bob.

 Perfectly tousled bob by Chris jones

(Chris jones)

Shade of bronze.

Shade of bronze by Ashlee Norman

(Ashlee Norman)

Layered center-part.

Layered center-part by Donovan Mills

(Donovan Mills)

Full moon vibes.

Full moon vibes by Stephanie


Soft A-line bob.

Soft A-line bob by Sal Salcedo

(Sal Salcedo)

Toffee balayage.

Toffee balayage by Maayan Birnstein

(Maayan Birnstein)

Beach texture.

Beach texture by Ariel Hauck

(Ariel Hauck)

Natural texture.

Natural texture by BRITTANY GONZALEZ

(Brittany Gonzalez)

Layered and highlights.

Layered and highlights by Kristin Ess

(Kristin Ess)

Second day texture.

Second day texture by Flamcis


Classic fringe.

Classic fringe by Brenda Kamt

(Brenda Kamt)

Rumpled waves.

Rumpled waves by Chad Wood

(Chad Wood)

Voluminous look.

Voluminous look by Julie Holbrook

(Julie Holbrook)

Shaggy chic.

Shaggy chic by Julie Holbrook

(Julie Holbrook)

Dimensional layers.

Dimensional layers by Anh Co Tran

(Anh Co Tran)

Pink waves.

Pink waves by Yokii Techi

(Yokii Techi)

Asymmetrical bob.

Asymmetrical bob by Singi Vo

(Singi Vo)

Light and airy layers.

Light and airy layers by Riawna Capri

(Riawna Capri)

Smokey grey baby lights.

Smokey grey baby lights by Kacie Nguyen

(Kacie Nguyen)

Airy bob.

Airy bob by Riawna Capri

(Riawna Capri)

Beige tones.

Beige tones by Erik Gutierrez

(Erik Gutierrez)

Chin grazing bob.

 Chin grazing bob by Chris jones

(Chris jones)

Asymmetric bob.

 Asymmetric bob by Chloe Brown

(Chloe Brown)

Edgy chop.

Edgy chop by Ashley Dawn

(Ashley Dawn)

Caramel ombre.

Caramel ombre by Sal Salcedo

(Sal Salcedo)

Face-framing waves.

Face-framing waves by Circles of Hair

(Circles of Hair)

Choppy layers.

Choppy layers by Anh Co Tran

(Anh Co Tran)

Micro bangs.

Micro bangs by Sal Salcedo

(Sal Salcedo)

Blunt platinum.

Blunt platinum by Yokii Techi

(Yokii Techi)

Sleek and side-swept.

 Sleek and side-swept by Ashlee Norman

(Ashlee Norman)

Smokey silver highlights.

 Smokey silver highlights by Kate Eissinger

(Kate Eissinger)

Blue angles.

Blue angles by Maayan Birnstein

(Maayan Birnstein)

Angled bob.

Angled bob by Donovan Mills

(Donovan Mills)

Effortless texture.

Effortless texture by Chris jones

(Chris jones)

Texturized bob.

 Texturized bob by Allison Hallows

(Allison Hallows)

Chin length cut.

 Chin length cut by Leah Fitts

(Leah Fitts)