50 Smokin’ Hot Long Curly Hairstyles

Alex Centomo

Emily Gold 11-09-2016 PM ET / 0 Shares

The following curly hairstyles are a combination of natural and styled. If you’re lucky enough to have naturally curly hair then it’s more about the cut, but for those of you not blessed with natural curls there are plenty of beautiful styles you can easily do at home. While short curly hairstyles are undeniable cute and stylish, they never seem to attain that level of glamour and beauty associated with long, full-bodied curls. We hope you enjoy these long curly hairstyles as much as we do!

Balayage curls.

Balayage curls by Casey Holmes

(Casey Holmes)

Side parted curls.

Side parted curls by Kyla Centomo

(Kyla Centomo)

Ombre curls.

Ombre curls by Alex Centomo

(Alex Centomo)

Rumpled curls.

Rumpled curls by Dytto(Dytto)

Blonde curls.

Blonde curls by Melina Ruiz

(Melina Ruiz)

Wild waves.

Wild waves by Ashley Moore

(Ashley Moore)

Brushed out curls.

Brushed out curls by Kelly Strack

(Kelly Strack)

Side-swept curls.

Side-swept curls by Raye Boyce

(Raye Boyce)

Tight waves.

Tight waves by Karina


Long waves.

Long waves by Chaile Son

(Chaile Son)