50 Trendy Ways To Braid Short Hair

Hair and Makeup by Steph

Emily Gold 07-02-2016 PM ET / 0 Shares

This half up dutch five strand braid.

 half up dutch five strand braid

(Sarah Potempa)

This simple side braid.

 simple side braid

(Alex Pelerossi)

These boxer braids.

boxer braids


This waterfall braid.

waterfall braid

(Sarah Potempa)

These blue toned braids.

blue toned braids

(Alex Pelerossi)

This side swept braided pixie.

braided pixie

(Emily Anderson)

This braided curly bob.

braided curly bob

(Emily Anderson)

These dutch pigtail braids.

pigtail braids

(Mailili Sasabone)

This pastel pink braid.

pastel pink braid

(Erica Johansen)

This loop braid.

loop braid

(Sarah Potempa)