50 Trendy Ways To Braid Short Hair

Hair and Makeup by Steph

Emily Gold 07-02-2016 PM ET / 0 Shares

This pigtail dutch braid.

pigtail dutch braids

(Amanda Cypert)

This braided top knot.

braided top knot

(Alex Pelerossi)

These two strand twists.

two strand twists

(Sarah Potempa)

These front row braided updos.

 front row braided updos

(Alex Pelerossi)

These double dutch fishtails.

double dutch fishtails

(Sarah Potempa)

This stacked dutch fishtail braid.

stacked dutch fishtail braid

(Renee Marie)

This swept fishtail.

swept fishtail

(Kristin ess)

These half up pigtail braids.

half up pigtail braids

(Alex Pelerossi)

This french fishtail mohawk braid.

french fishtail mohawk braid

(Sarah Potempa)

These mini braids.

mini braids

(Alex Pelerossi)