51 New Hair Colors to Kick Off 2019

Emily Gold 10-28-2018 PM ET / 0 Shares

Silver ombre.

Silver ombre by Kacie Nguyen

(Kacie Nguyen)

Dark chocolate brown.

Dark chocolate brown by Chrissy Rasmussen

(Chrissy Rasmussen)

Caramel lights.

Caramel lights by Litvinova Julia

(Litvinova Julia)

Smokey mint.

Smokey mint by Elissa Wolfe

(Elissa Wolfe)

Auburn burgundy.

Auburn burgundy by Camouflage and Balayage

(Camouflage and Balayage)

Purple roots.

Purple roots by Ara Ko

(Ara Ko)

Chestnut highlights.

Chestnut highlights by Sal Salcedo

(Sal Salcedo)

Perfect cinnamon.

Perfect cinnamon by Circles of Hair

(Circles of Hair)

Dark silver ends.

Dark silver ends by Melannie Millan

(Melannie Millan)

Ash blonde.

Ash blonde by Laci Nicole

(Laci Nicole)