52 Adorable Valentine’s Day Nail Designs You NEED to See

Emily Gold 01-21-2017 PM ET / 0 Shares

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, you’re probably going to want to step your nail game up because, well, it’s competitive out there!

Every holiday is a chance for women to express their creativity and festive feelings in the form of a perfectly executed manicure. And for women, Valentine’s Day has no equal when it comes to the amount of exciting nail art designs available. On the day of love, you’ll want to look your best, and there’s no outfit or hairstyle that won’t benefit from an adorable Valentine’s Day manicure. This year make sure to celebrate V-day in style with the cutest manicure your brain can muster. Here are 52 exciting Valentine’s Day nail designs to inspire the perfect manicure.

Hearts and letters.

Hearts and letters by Lili Nguyen

If you’re looking to make your friends super jealous, then consider something along the lines of this stylish mix and match theme that has “professional designer” written all over it. The manicure has an overall pastel theme which looks great against darker skin tones. (Lili Nguyen)

Heart outlines.

Heart outlines by SoNailicious

Those of you who have tried and failed to execute more complicated designs are in luck. For this simple heart-rimmed pattern, all you’ll need is a steady hand and a little patience. Start out with a neutral shade of light pink and then quickly apply a border of heart stickies before the polish dries. Who doesn’t love hearts on Valentine’s Day? (SoNailicious)

Love you.

Love you by CaliforNails

Another beautiful pastel design, this manicure almost has an Easter feel to it. If your nail art skills are anything like ours (about a 1 on a scale of 1-10), then you’ll have no trouble pulling this cute design off. Large hearts are illustrated in a way that’s very forgiving to an unskilled/unsteady hand. However, you’ll need to be somewhat careful when choosing your colors to insure a good complimentary match.  (CaliforNails)

Flower patterns.

Flower patterns by Nina Park

These subtle floating flowers are not an obvious “Valentine’s Day” theme but they still play to the whole floral theme of things. You dig? This magical and romantic design can be recreated with a few well placed dabs of the brush. While it may not be quite as easy as we just made it sound, this design is perfect for more mature minds looking for something elegant and refined.  (Nina Park)

Romantic hearts.

Romantic hearts by Lili Nguyen

Hearts for Valentine’s Day? We know, not exactly groundbreaking but we absolutely love the pink and red color combination for it’s simplicity and traditional V-day feel. Slap a layer of pink down, let it dry, and follow it with the best hearts your hands can draw and things will work out no matter how sloppy your hearts come out. (Lili Nguyen)

Love more.

Love more by Boom Nails

On the most romantic day of the year, sometimes you have to remind yourself, and others, that it’s OK to love a little bit more. Besides, who couldn’t use a little more love in their lives? In the absence of pink, red, purple, or any other traditional Valentine’s color, this black and white retro design is a perfect way to stand out from the crowd while still celebrating the year’s most romantic holiday. (Boom Nails)

XOXO nails.

XOXO nails by Lieve91

Here we have an awesome theme that can be easily customized with a personalized Valentine’s Day message. Just make sure to mix and match the text colors to give your nails more dimension and style. (Lieve91)

80’s heart-shaped french nails.
80's heart-shaped french nails by So Hot Right Nail

Are you the type of girl that gets overwhelmed with nostalgia every time an 80’s movie comes on TV? If so, then this decidedly 80’s Valentine’s nail design is perhaps just what you were looking for. This design doesn’t require a steady hand or a lot of time, but only a undying love for all things 80’s. This design features dipped black and gold lines and a whole lot of abstract dabs. If 80’s aren’t your thing, mix up the colors and create a whole new vibe.  (So Hot Right Nail)

Negative space hearts.

Negative space hearts by Cambria

While this design doesn’t technically utilize negative space, you can see how perfectly negative space would play here. A little cheat tip; place a small heart-shaped sticker on your nail, cover it with polish, and then once everything dries simply remove it for a pristine negative space heart.  (Cambria)