52 Festival Hairstyles That Look Amazing

Emily Gold 02-25-2017 AM ET / 5745 Shares

Curly half-up.

Curly half-up by Nicol


Blue bird hair stencil.

Blue bird hair stencil by Janine Ker

(Janine Ker)

Effortless look.

Effortless look by Emma Chen

(Emma Chen)

Floral updo.

Floral updo by Ali Sabin

(Ali Sabin)

Fishtail lace braid.

Fishtail lace braid by Marina McAvoy

(Marina McAvoy)

Splendor braids and rings.

Splendor braids and rings by Circles of Hair

(Circles of Hair)

Four strand ribbon feathers.

Four strand ribbon feathes by Joel Benjamin

(Joel Benjamin)

Cornrows on half of head.

Cornrows on half of head by The Braids Factory

(The Braids Factory)

Simple half-up crown braid.

Simple half-up crown braid by Nicol Artistry


Double dutch corset braids into double top knot.

Double dutch corset braids into double top knot by Joel Benjamin

(Joel Benjamin)