52 Festival Hairstyles That Look Amazing

Emily Gold 02-25-2017 AM ET / 0 Shares

Braids into bubble half updo.

Braids into bubble half updo by Jade Ly

(Jade Ly)

Unique ponytail braid.

Unique ponytail braid by Castillo Bataille

(Castillo Bataille)

80’s punk inspired shaved head.

80's punk inspired shaved head by Janine Ker

(Janine Ker)

Festival braids.

Festival braids by Heather Chapman

(Heather Chapman)

Dutch top knot.

Dutch top knot by Mallory Jade

(Mallory Jade)

Prism inspired glitter.

Prism inspired glitter by The Gypsy Shrine

(The Gypsy Shrine)

Flower braids.

Flower braids by Chita Beseau

(Chita Beseau)

Dusty lavender braids.

Dusty lavender braids by Janet Nguyen

(Janet Nguyen)

Double milk braids.

Double milk braids by Lainey


Half-up with mixed braids.

Half-up with mixed braids by Janet Nguyen

(Janet Nguyen)

Front row braids and fishtails.

Front row braids and fishtails by Iris Araújo

(Iris Araújo)

Tiny double crown braids.

Tiny double crown braids by St Louis

(St Louis)

Boxer braid with white lace.

Boxer braid with white lace by Jacque Morrison

(Jacque Morrison)