52 Modern Pixie Cuts To Try This Summer

Emily Gold 04-30-2018 AM ET / 0 Shares

While a pixie cut may not be the first thing that pops into your mind when considering a new hairstyle, nothing quite says “New me” like a modern pixie cut.

And what better time to experiment with a short summer do than this summer?

Below, we’ve organized an amazing collection of different pixie cuts which all have a modern vibe to them. Take a look, save your favorites, and enjoy this summer in both comfort and style.

Textured pixie.

Textured pixie by Denyvir


Edged pixie.

Edged pixie Luigi Altomonte

(Luigi Altomonte)

Soft undercut.

Soft undercut by Michele Sanford

(Michele Sanford)

Light texture.

Light texture by Que Colour

(Que Colour)

Powder pink.

Powder pink by Jason Joseph

(Jason Joseph)

Asymmetrical pixie.

Asymmetrical pixie by Sheridan Holyoak

(Sheridan Holyoak)

Pastel rainbow.

Pastel rainbow by Sarah Louwho

(Sarah Louwho)

Metallic aqua.

Metallic aqua by Mandy Denson

(Mandy Denson)

Geometric lines.

 Geometric linesby Jesse Gaines

(Jesse Gaines)

Dimensional pixie.

Dimensional pixie by Sheridan Holyoak

(Sheridan Holyoak)

Blonde tips.

Blonde tips by Mandy Denson

(Mandy Denson)