52 Modern Pixie Cuts To Try This Summer

Emily Gold 04-30-2018 AM ET / 0 Shares

Edgy chop.

Edgy chop by Mandy Denson

(Mandy Denson)

Choppy layers.

Choppy layers by Luigi Altomonte

(Luigi Altomonte)

Sweeping bangs.

Sweeping bangs by Riawna Capri

(Riawna Capri)

Metallic blush.

Metallic blush by Joel Torres

(Joel Torres)

A hint of volume.

A hint of volume by Sarah Louwho

(Sarah Louwho)

Hair tattoo.

Hair tattoo by Tasha Moro

(Tasha Moro)

Subtle movement.

Subtle movement by Pekela Riley

(Pekela Riley)

Layered long pixie.

Layered long pixie by Lalee


Neon pixie.

Neon pixie by Lj. Sharman

(Lj. Sharman)

Angular pixie.

Angular pixie by Courtney