52 Quick and Easy Half-up Half-down Hairstyles

Emily Gold 10-07-2016 AM ET / 0 Shares

Up or down? That’s usually the first question that races through your mind when the thought of imminent social engagement presents itself. Updos are functional, elegant, and easy to quickly pull off but long hair is just so beautiful. But what about a combination of both? Half-up half-down, or just “half-up” hairstyles are great for any occasion. If you’re new to these hairstyles or perhaps just looking for a new way to wear it, these photos are definitely for you. We hope you enjoy this gallery as much as we enjoyed putting it together!

Half-up top knot.

Half-up top knot by Martina Durica

(Martina Durica)

Flower half buns.

Flower half buns by Mackenzie


Curly half updo with black ribbon.

Curly half updo with black ribbon by Sarah Potempa

(Sarah Potempa)

Rose bun.

Rose bun by Emily Rose Hannon

(Emily Rose Hannon)

Half-up ponytail.

Half-up ponytail by Kirsten Zellers

(Kirsten Zellers)

Curled half crown braid.

Curled half crown braid by Mackenzie


Braided half updo.

Braided half updo by Blohaute


Curly half updo.

Curly half updo by Alex Centomo

(Alex Centomo)

Double half buns.

Double half buns by Kassandra Poleshuk

(Kassandra Poleshuk)

Center parted updo.

Center parted updo by Brittany Sullivan

(Brittany Sullivan)

Knotted half updo.

Knotted half updo by Grace