52 Spring/Summer Wedding Hairstyle Inspirations

Emily Gold 03-16-2018 AM ET / 0 Shares

As a lover of all things wedding related, hairstyles have to be my favorite. Yes beautiful white dresses, you’re number two. Weddings aren’t just another day, they’re the day. And everything has to be perfect. After all, there will be lots of snaps and of course everyone will remember it as the best wedding ever, so your hair not only needs to be perfect but has to be stylish and trendy as well. So whether or not you’ve already found that perfect hairstyle, it won’t hurt to browse through this list of 52 perfect wedding hairstyles.

Low bun with rose details.

Low bun with rose details by Mila Evdokimova ⠀

(Mila Evdokimova)

Messy textured braid.

Messy textured braid by Lelet NY

(Lelet NY)

Messy bun with side dutch braid.

Messy bun with side dutch braid by Maggiemh


High pony.

 High ponytail by Jacque Morrison

(Jacque Morrison)

Braid roses and ponytail bow.

Braid roses and ponytail bow by Alexandra Wilson

(Alexandra Wilson)

Loose braided updo with crystal accessories.

Loose braided updo with crystal accessories by Alena Famina

(Alena Famina)

Fishtails and twists.

Fishtails and twists by Mirella Manelli

(Mirella Manelli)

Voluminous chignon.

Voluminous chignon by Alexandra Poslavskaya

(Alexandra Poslavskaya)

Rumpled undone.

Rumpled undone by Ulyana Aster

(Ulyana Aster)

Artistic textures and twists.

Artistic textures and twists by Chiali Meng

(Chiali Meng)

Soft bridal updo.

Soft bridal updo by Tonya Stylist

(Tonya Stylist)

Loose braid with flower.

Loose braid with flower by Hilde Osland

(Hilde Osland)

Wispy ponytail.

Wispy ponytail by Mila Evdokimova

(Mila Evdokimova)

Bronze gold floral accent.

Bronze gold flower accent by Ulyana Aster

(Ulyana Aster)

Bubble ponytail.

Bubble ponytail by Blohaute


Floral bun.

Flower bun by Renèe Marie

(Renee Marie)

Peaches and cream tousled fishtails into a chignon.

Peaches and cream tousled fishtails into a chignon by Alexandra Wilson

(Alexandra Wilson)

Twist texture.

Twist texture by Natalie Anne

(Natalie Anne)

Braided chignon.

Braided chignon by Michelle Stevenson

(Michelle Stevenson)

Volume and texture.

Volume and texture by Stephanie Brinkerhoff

(Stephanie Brinkerhoff)

Beach texture with fresh flower crown.

Beach texture with fresh flower crown by Gold Plaited

(Gold Plaited)

Lace fishtail.

Lace fishtail by Mirella Manelli

(Mirella Manelli)

Voluminous ponytail.

Voluminous ponytail by Alena Famina

(Alena Famina)

High bun.

High bun by Elstilespb


Nature inspired bridal updo.

Nature inspired bridal updo by Lelet NY

(Lelet NY)

Blushing bride updo.

Blushing bride updo by Annette


Messy pull-through braid.

Messy pull-through braid by Tanya Borisova

(Tanya Borisova)

Massive bun.

Massive bun by Alena Famina

(Alena Famina)

Smooth upstyle.

Smooth upstyle by Jennie Kay

(Jennie Kay)

Tight french braid top bun softened with white flowers.

Tight french braid top bun softened with white flowers by Kasia Fortuna

(Kasia Fortuna)

Double fishtails.

Double fishtails by Nicole Drège

(Nicole Drège)

Pull-through braid.

Pull-through braid by Trista Clark

(Trista Clark)

Side braid into a low bun.

Side braid into a low bun by Tonya Stylist

(Tonya Stylist)

Mohawk fishtail braid updo.

Mohawk fishtail braid updo by Gonzalo Zarauza

(Gonzalo Zarauza)

Thick undone braid.

Thick undone braid by Ulyana Aster

(Ulyana Aster)

Donut bun.

Donut bun by Mila Evdokimova ⠀

(Mila Evdokimova)

Side chignon.

Side chignon by Annette


Double halo braids.

Double halo braids by Jennie Kay

(Jennie Kay)

Effortless style.

Effortless style by Stephanie Brinkerhoff

(Stephanie Brinkerhoff)

Mohawk braid bun.

Mohawk braid bun by Iryna


Rose buns with natural curls.

Rose buns with natural curls by Gonzalo Zarauza

(Gonzalo Zarauza)

Polished waves.

Polished waves by Alexandra Wilson

(Alexandra Wilson)

French fishtail updo.

French fishtail updo by Alexandra Wilson

(Alexandra Wilson)

Tucked bun.

Tucked bun by Iryna


Crystal headpieces.

Crystal headpieces by Ulyana Aster

(Ulyana Aster)

Braided bun and swirls.

Braided bun and swirls by Rock My Wedding

(Rock My Wedding)

Soft, wispy tendrils with an almost undone updo.

Soft, wispy tendrils with an almost undone updo by Chiali Meng

(Chiali Meng)

Bouncy curls.

Bouncy curls byAlisha Jared

(Alisha Jared)

Knot braid.

Knot braid by Jen Mathison

(Jen Mathison)

Braids on braids.

Braids on braids by Stephanie Brinkerhoff

(Stephanie Brinkerhoff)

Dutch halo braid.

Dutch halo braid by Missy Sue

(Missy Sue)

Chunky front row braid.

Chunky front row braid by Kasia Fortuna

(Kasia Fortuna)