53 Quirky Nail Ideas That Will Keep You Busy All Winter Long

Emily Gold 12-04-2017 AM ET / 0 Shares

Blocked neutrals.

Blocked neutrals by MoYou-London


Wire lines.

Wire lines by Park Eunkyung

(Park Eunkyung)

Dreamy festival nails.

Dreamy festival nails by WAH Nails

(WAH Nails)

Cutout nails.

Cutout nails by SoNailicious


Baby pink.

Baby pink by Gladun Nails

(Gladun Nails)

Chanel bag.

Chanel bag by Park Eunkyung

(Park Eunkyung)

White line french twist.

White line french twist by MoYou-London


Watercolor rainbow.

Watercolor rainbow by Super Fly Nails

(Super Fly Nails)

Mirror ball accent.

Mirror ball accent by Marrina Ka

(Marrina Ka)

Black and gold.

Black and gold by SoNailicious