54 Trendy New Hair Color Ideas You’ll Instantly Adore

Emily Gold 08-26-2017 AM ET / 0 Shares

Nothing says “new you” like an exciting infusion of color. Ever since the likes of Pinterest and Instagram have taken over the internet, a steady stream of attention-grabbing photos full of perfect pastels and delicious looking hair color combos have been tempting you to do something you wouldn’t normally do; go crazy with color! OK, well maybe you don’t have to go crazy but a little color is sometimes exactly what the Doctor ordered.

Whether you’re the type that changes her hair color on a daily basis or you’re just feeling spontaneous at the moment, we’ve put together a list of trendy new hair color ideas that will certainly leave you in lust.

Tropical sunset.

Leilani Hailey

(Leilani Hailey)

Braided pastels and metallics.

Braided pastels and metallics by Linh Phan

(Linh Phan)

Neon flower bun.

Neon flower bun by Maggie Hancock

(Maggie Hancock)

Raspberry dark pink.

Raspberry dark pink by Glamiris


Pink & grey.

Pink & grey by Gonzalo Zarauza

(Gonzalo Zarauza)

The sun and the moon.

The sun and the moon by The Gypsy Bazaar

(The Gypsy Bazaar)


Iridescence by Megan Schipani

(Megan Schipani)

Cotton candy pink.

Cotton candy pink by Kristina Dunn

(Kristina Dunn)

Mint and violet.

Mint and violet by Doug Theoharis

(Doug Theoharis)

Silver braided space buns.

Silver braided space buns by Linh Phan

(Linh Phan)

Aqua highlights.

Aqua highlights by Chris Weber Mirlach

(Chris Weber Mirlach)