60 Boxer Braid Hairstyles for Your Sporty Side

60 Boxer Braid Hairstyles for Your Sporty Side

Emily Gold 02-22-2017 PM ET / 0 Shares

OK, the title might be a little misleading but for the sake of people searching for this relatively new “trend,” we’ve given the term “boxer braid” a little leeway.

As many of you probably know, boxer braids are actually just double french braids rebranded for some silly reason. While the new moniker does sound catchy, we’ll still always refer to them as “double french braids” or “cornrows” ’cause that’s how it’s been forever. Here, 60 boxer braid hairstyles that are surprisingly versatile and undeniably chic.

Perfect cornrows.

Perfect cornrows by Jacque Morrison

(Jacque Morrison)

Pastel blend.

Pastel blend by Sienree


Boxer braids and low bun.

Boxer braids and low bun by Annette


Classic boxer braids.

Classic boxer braids by Sendi Skopljak

(Sendi Skopljak)

Cornrow updo.

Cornrow updo by Parlons Cheveux

(Parlons Cheveux)

Box braids styled into a donut bun.

Box braids styled into a donut bun by Iris Araújo

(Iris Araújo)

Silver ombre boxer braid updo.

Silver ombre boxer braid updo by Martina Đurica

(Martina Đurica)

Half head cornrows.

Half head cornrows by Iris Araújo

(Iris Araújo)

Smokey pink boxer braids.

Smokey pink boxer braids by Saraurb


Pastel cornrows.

Pastel cornrows by Chiyuki