60 A-Line Hairstyles You Can Rock at Any Age


Emily Gold 11-10-2016 AM ET / 0 Shares

While you may have to wait until your hair gets a little longer to cut in that A-line bob or lob you’ve been dreaming about, it never hurts to nail down the details now—and with plenty of options out there, you’re guaranteed to have a hard time settling on just one.

A-line hairstyles are suitable for women of all ages. To help you navigate the vast world of various A-line styles, we’ve selected the best and most versatile cuts for you. Happy scrolling and don’t forget so save your favorites.

Dark rooted ombre.

Dark rooted ombre by Edwin


Steeply angled bob.

Steeply angled bob by Edwin


Sleek and chic.

Sleek and chic by Bree


Soft undone bobby.

Soft undone bobby by Dominick Serna

(Dominick Serna)

Sleek blunt bob.

Sleek blunt bob by __k_vu__


Smooth layers.

Smooth layers by Edwin


Blunt layers.

Blunt layers by Rosemary Monica

(Rosemary Monica)

Stick straight finish.

Stick straight finish by Edwin


Dusty pink lob.

Dusty pink lob by Anthony Holguin

(Anthony Holguin)

Asymmetrical A-line lob.

Asymmetrical A-line lob by Michelle Madsen

(Michelle Madsen)