60 New Hair Color Trends for 2018


Emily Gold 02-08-2018 AM ET / 0 Shares

Still haven’t decided what hairstyle you want to try for the new year? Changing your hair color is the best way to achieve that new vibe without losing inches of your precious hair. Luckily, we have so many color choices and inspirations that will help you find your new hair color. From gorgeous honey blonde highlights to subtle dark browns and trendy pastel colors, this list has something everyone can appreciate. This year’s hair coloring techniques are all about looking natural, just like face-framing highlights and sun-kissed balayage.

If you’re looking for a more dramatic transformation, charcoal hair is another new hair trend that everyone is talking about this year. Unlike unicorn hair and rainbow hair which were everywhere last year, this metallic deep gray shade will give you a chic and dreamy look with little to no effort. Scroll down and see our favorite 60 new hair color ideas and find your next hair color.

Gradient blonde.

Gradient blonde by Romeu Felipe

A gentle gradient blonde is the ultimate classic look if you have straight long strands. Keep the roots dark and make sure the smooth contrast blends towards the bottom. (Romeu Felipe)

Bleach blonde.

Bleach blonde by Maggiemh

This color washed bleached blonde is the perfect clean and bright color for the spring season. Loose waves with a soft mini fishtail braid on the side will give this fresh look a cute accent. (Maggiemh)

Mint and rose.

Mint to rose by Linh Phan

Our favorite colorist Linh Phan’s newest pastel color formulas get us super excited. These soft metallic shades of mint and rose will give you dreamy vibes for the spring. Rose blonde that is gently placed around the face will make your complexion clean and glowing. (Linh Phan)

Metallic lavender.

Metallic lavender by Aliya Askarova

This amazing metallic lavender hue with slightly silver shades makes her undercut appear stylish and trendy. When you’re thinking about something unique and different, try metallic pastel shades. (Aliya Askarova)

Light honey blonde ombre.

Light honey blonde ombre by Cherin Choi

The rooty honey blonde ombre gives this airy layered cut fresh movement. To achieve this effortless look, create some loose waves from around your cheekbones with your favorite texturizing spray. (Cherin Choi)

Sunset coral.

Sunset coral by Ara Ko

Last year was all about rose gold shades but this year we just fell in love with coral. Dark roots, tousled curls and a peach coral lip complete this lovely look. (Ara Ko)

Beige blonde highlights.

Beige blonde highlights by Romeu Felipe

These face-framing beige blonde highlights give this look texture and dimension. Especially if you have a cool tone skin, the beige color will accentuate the pink and natural hues of your skin for a healthy complexion. (Romeu Felipe)

Smoked silver melt.

Smoked silver melt by Jeffrey Robert

Silver highlights are still getting their playtime this year but they’re being upgraded by the addition of smokey grey highlights for a dimensional effect. (Jeffrey Robert)

Chocolate lowlights.

Chocolate lowlights by Romeu Felipe

Just adding chocolate, bronze or toffee highlights to your natural black hair can give your hair a luxurious effect. Try a high half-up ponytail with messy waves instead of a normal undone hairstyle for a flawless date night look! (Romeu Felipe)

Touch of pink.

Touch of pink by Chris Weber Mirlach

If you want blonde, rose gold, and pink on your hair at the same time, your dream just came true.

(Chris Weber Mirlach)