60 Stunning Hair Highlight Ideas You’ll Want To Steal

Buddy Porter

Emily Gold 06-28-2016 AM ET / 0 Shares

Adding a few highlights to your hair can be a great way to add a little pizazz to your current hairstyle. But not just any highlights will do. We’ve all seen those amateur highlight jobs that look like they were done at summer camp with a lot of enthusiasm and a lot less know-how.  We always recommend that when the times comes to lighten your locks, you seek the help of a trained professional. In the mean time, here are 50 carefully vetted highlight jobs that can only be described as spectacular. Enjoy!

This silver white balayage.

silver white balayage by Buddy Porter

(Buddy Porter)

 This illumina blonde balayage.

Illumina blonde balayage by Amy Conley-McManus

(Amy Conley-McManus)

This caramel blonde balayage.

caramel blonde balayage by Sharon Chang

(Sharon Chang)

This pearly white blonde balayage.

pearly white blonde balayage by Blohaute


This brown ombre.

brown ombre by Kathy Nunez

(Kathy Nunez)

This sun kissed ombre.

Sunkissed ombre by Alex Centomo

(Alex Centomo)

This auburn balayage.

auburn balayage by Devyn Denae

(Devyn Denae)

These sandy blonde highlights.

sandy blonde highlights by Amy Conley-McManus

(Amy Conley-McManus)

This brownish blonde balayage.

 brownish blonde balayage by Ariana Lauren

(Ariana Lauren)

These lilac highlights.

lilac highlights by Julie