60 Stunning Hair Highlight Ideas You’ll Want To Steal

Buddy Porter

Emily Gold 06-28-2016 AM ET / 0 Shares

This brown to rose gold ombre.

brown to rose gold ombre by Josie Vilayvanh

(Josie Vilayvanh)

These warm blonde highlights.

warm blonde highlights by Romeu Felipe

(Romeu Felipe)

These natural highlights.

natural highlights by Juan Diego Escámez

(Juan Diego Escámez)

This rose gold ombre.

rose gold ombre by Elanna Pecherle

(Elanna Pecherle)

This dimensional blonde balayage.

dimensional blonde balayage by Amanda Fagan

(Amanda Fagan)

These golden highlights.

golden highlights by Devyn Denae

(Devyn Denae)

These silver highlights.

silver highlights by Josie Vilayvanh

(Josie Vilayvanh)

This rooty ombre.

rooty ombre by sammi wang

(Sammi Wang)

These rooty blonde highlights.

rooty blonde highlights by Blohaute


Dark mahogany on the base to a copper red.

Dark mahogany on the base to a copper red by Devyn Denae

(Devyn Denae)