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40 Dirty Blonde Highlights for Every Skin Tone

Dirty blonde highlights are something every woman ponders at one point in time or another. Will they look good on me? Can I pull these off? These are just a few of the questions that come up when contemplating going dirty blonde. But what most women fail to consider is that there are different types of "dirty blonde," and choosing…
3 years ago
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60 Spring Highlight Ideas for Short Hair

Spring is the perfect time to experiment with lighter layers, highlights, and dimensional color. No matter what the current situation is on the top of your head, if you're not considering something new for spring you'll definitely wanna get in gear and set the trend amongst your friends. Highlights for spring? Everybody loves them. Check out these awesome looks we…
3 years ago
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40 Ash blonde Hairstyles You’re Going To See Everywhere

If you, too, have been etching to go ash blonde this summer then you came to the right place. Our favorite hair color is just what you need to get that extra attention you deserve. And besides, what doesn't look good with ash blonde? After noticing an uptick in the amount of ash blonde locks floating around social media in…
4 years ago
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41 Textured Hairstyles With Infinite Beach Vibes

Every woman wants hair that looks as if she just go back from a photo shoot at the beach. Or perhaps it's better to say "looks as if she belongs in a photo shoot at the beach," 'cause let's face it, a day at the beach doesn't always do wonders for our hair. Beachy tones, vibes, or just "beachy hair"…
4 years ago
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43 Flawless Caramel Balayage Looks

Carmel hues are among the most popular hair colors today. The soft, neutral tones of by far the most delicious sounding hair color look great on women with a variety of different face shapes and natural hair colors. And of course it only makes sense to pair one of the most popular hair colors with the most trendy of coloring…
4 years ago
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43 Strawberry Blonde Hairstyles to Try This Summer

With summer just around the corner, what better way to usher in the warmer months than with a bold new hair color. Strawberry blonde to be exact. It's not quite as risky as pink, but you still get all the added perks of having completely transformed your look with something so fun and invigorating that you'll wonder why you didn't…
4 years ago
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50 Pink Hair Highlight Ideas Every Girl Should See

With summer on the horizon, what better way to change-up your look than with a fresh infusion of beautiful pink highlights. Gorgeous fuchsias, lovely lavenders, and sumptuous champagne pinks. We have a feeling this year is going to be a year of bold and dynamic color, with all shades of pink dominating the scene. To get a better idea of…
4 years ago
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70 Beautiful Balayage Hairstyles With Blonde Highlights

Balayage coloring enjoys widespread popularity due to it's natural looking results. The practice of brushing on color freehand produces sporadic tones that mimic the highlights and shadows your hair possesses under both natural and artificial light. Although the majority of balayage jobs involve applying lighter toned highlights, dark balayage hairstyles can be just as beautiful. For the sake of this…
5 years ago

60 Stunning Hair Highlight Ideas You’ll Want To Steal

Adding a few highlights to your hair can be a great way to add a little pizazz to your current hairstyle. But not just any highlights will do. We've all seen those amateur highlight jobs that look like they were done at summer camp with a lot of enthusiasm and a lot less know-how.¬† We always recommend that when the…
5 years ago
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40 Best Hair Color Ideas for Summer (2016)

How about some color this summer? New haircuts can really put a spring in your step but so can a little color. From versatile ombre looks to playful gradients, we've selected some of the hottest and most appealing color combos for summer. Enjoy! [wp_ad_camp_5] Golden blonde balayage. (Christine Silverman) Baby blue highlights. (Jennie Kay) Pearly silver highlights. (Alex Centomo) Rustic¬†raspberry…
5 years ago