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42 Sizzling Ways to Wear Short Hair This Summer

If it feels like short hair gets all the summer attention on Instagram, you'd be correct. And the main reason is pretty obvious; short hair is much cooler and easier to manage during the hot summer months.  With summer quickly approaching, now is the perfect time to debut that new short hairstyle and the set the trend for summer. Here,…
8 hours ago
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40 Swoon-Worthy Side-Shaved Hairstyles

What was once reserved for punk rockers and the high fashion elite, has now come mainstream. What would once earn you a jaw drop along with a head turn on the street, now won't even get you second look. And that's a good thing. As the rest of the world has caught up, those pioneering women striving for something edgy…
1 month ago

40 Pixie Haircuts That Will Make Your Summer

Obtaining the perfect pixie cut is a feat easily achieved. Pixie haircuts are wonderful things. They fill your head with liberating thoughts, mind their own business, and always manage to make you smile, or cry, depending on the current state of your psyche. If you're looking to avoid sticky face hair this summer and perhaps have a little unobstructed fun,…
1 month ago
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42 Fresh New Haircuts to Try This Summer

Now that summer is almost upon us, you'll probably need to start worrying about your new look, right? After all, no summer would really be complete without a new hairstyle and cut. As soon as the first sunny day hits after a long and cold winter, the summer bug instantly starts to creep into your mind until before you know…
2 months ago
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40 Messy Bob Hairstyles That Women Just Can’t Say No To

If you're looking for a low-maintenance hairdo that's as convenient for work as it is for play, then look no further than a short and stylish messy bob that will no doubt give you a new lease on life. When it comes to short hairstyles, there are few cuts as coveted as a short and textured bob with that "messy"…
3 months ago
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43 Picture-Perfect Textured Bob Hairstyles

For some women, textured bobs are a way of life. There are few things in this world that can come close to rivaling the liberating and rejuvenating effects one feels when chopping off several years worth of hair to reveal a stylish textured bob. It's almost worth growing your hair out just so you can go short again. Friends and…
4 months ago
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43 Stylish Ways to Grow Out Your Pixie

There's nothing more satisfying than admiring the straight lines and super clean edges of a new pixie cut—a satisfaction only truly appreciated with a short haircut. It's almost a shame that your perfect pixie will inevitability grow out. Or is it? Some pixies get better with time and of course a little snip snip here and there. Let's take a…
7 months ago
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50+ Incredible Pixie Haircuts to Inspire You All Season

If you're a grown woman and you have yet to experience the liberating, borderline life-changing effects of a pixie cut then we feel sorry for you. Settling on the right type of pixie cut should not be a spur of the moment decision. There are endless variations of pixie cuts out there and just because you're new, doesn't mean that…
7 months ago
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50 Sensational Asymmetrical Bob Haircuts for Thick Hair

At one point in time or another, everyone wishes they had thick hair. But what about the rest of the time? The age old battle between thick and thin hair falls into the "Grass is greener on the other side" category. Depending on how you like to style your hair, each hair type has its advantages. It should be noted…
7 months ago
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40 Super Chic Blunt Bob Hairstyles

If you've always wanted to go short, than there's nothing better to start with than a chic, omg-you-cut-your-hair blunt bob. Going short can be a shocking change—especially if you've never been able to let those locks go before. Aside from going really short, bobs are the obvious, and most common, choice for people going short for the first time. But…
8 months ago