41 Low Maintenance Lob Hairstyles You Can Totally Pull Off

A beautiful hairstyle without all the work? Count us in. The truth is, most of us save all these stunning hairstyles from Pinterest and Instagram without taking into consideration the amount of discipline and work some of these hairstyles take to maintain—which can be down right impractical at times. For those of you on the go, or who's personal hairstylists…
4 months ago
Balayage & Ombre, Medium, Thin

40 Most Flattering Medium Length Hairstyles for Thin Hair

Medium length hair is about as versatile as it gets. Unlike short hair or long hair, having medium length hair affords you the best of both worlds while giving you the ability to achieve almost any hairstyle you wish. While having thin hair isn't exactly every women's dream come true, knowing which particular hairstyles to exploit will make having thin…
6 months ago
Medium, Short

60 A-Line Hairstyles You Can Rock at Any Age

While you may have to wait until your hair gets a little longer to cut in that A-line bob or lob you've been dreaming about, it never hurts to nail down the details now—and with plenty of options out there, you're guaranteed to have a hard time settling on just one. A-line hairstyles are suitable for women of all ages.…
9 months ago

45 Beautiful and Fuss-Free Soft Shag Lobs

Soft shag lobs have been slowly gaining popularity in recent years. As celebrities start to embrace the Pinterest-worthy trend, this natural looking shoulder-length hairstyle proves it's here to stay. The soft shag lob is an excellent compromise between short and long hair. The added length over short hair means less time and more freedom. If you've already got your mind…
10 months ago

40 Coveted Lob Hairstyles All Women Must See

Everyone's had a lob at some point in time during their life. Whether by choice or by happenstance, most haircuts either start out as a lob or soon magically transform into one. Balayage, ombre, shaggy layers and perfect a-lines, the long bob hairstyle is far and away the most popular hairstyle right now due to it's extreme versatility. Below, you…
11 months ago
Bob, Medium, Short

50 Sensational Asymmetrical Bob Haircuts for Thick Hair

At one point in time or another, everyone wishes they had thick hair. But what about the rest of the time? The age old battle between thick and thin hair falls into the "Grass is greener on the other side" category. Depending on how you like to style your hair, each hair type has its advantages. It should be noted…
11 months ago

40 Coveted Mid-Length Hairstyles for Fall

Rumor has it fall requires a new and chic hairstyle to impress your family and friends. It's about time, too, because your old hairstyle was getting a little tired and everything else around us (or maybe just the leaves) is starting to change as well. The reinvention in the air is infectious. So, what better way to transform yourself than…
11 months ago
Medium, Wavy & Curly

50 Super Glam Medium-Length Wavy Hairstyles

When it comes to versatile hairstyles, medium-length rules. When you're out and about having fun, wavy hairstyles are basically set and forget for the duration of the day. By adding a messy touch to things, a well textured wavy hairstyle becomes about as low maintenance as it gets. Medium-length hairstyles work well with all hair types, so browse the photos…
11 months ago
Bob, Medium, Short

40 Super Chic Blunt Bob Hairstyles

If you've always wanted to go short, than there's nothing better to start with than a chic, omg-you-cut-your-hair blunt bob. Going short can be a shocking change—especially if you've never been able to let those locks go before. Aside from going really short, bobs are the obvious, and most common, choice for people going short for the first time. But…
12 months ago
Medium, UpStyles

50 Amazing Updos for Medium Length Hair

Up, or down — is usually the first question women ask themselves when it comes to deciding how to wear their hair for any particular occasion. Updos are perfect for lazy days with the girls on up to the most formal of events. In today's day and age the amount of different updos will figuratively blow your mind. It seems…
12 months ago