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42 Stylish Office Hairstyles for Girl Bosses

Smart girls know that a first impression is important in the business world. A clean and classic office look will make you look like a confident, trustworthy, and professional business woman. Just simply changing your haircut or adding a few waves to your strands can make a world of difference. Oh, you don’t have time for all that styling in the morning? Braids,…
2 weeks ago

50 Insanely Romantic Wedding Hairstyles for 2018

Brides to be, we have good news! Today we're showcasing our favorite wedding hairstyles that will be everywhere in 2018. Oh ya, they also just happen to ooze romance on levels you've probably never witnessed before, so regardless if you have already picked out that perfect hairstyle for the big day or you're still knee deep in Pinterest saves, we're…
4 months ago

42 Wedding Trends for Short Hair This Season

With so many details to make leading up to your wedding day, there's often little time left to nail down which particular hairstyle you'll be rocking come the big day. But don't worry. We got you covered. For those of you with short hair, get excited. We've been scouring the net far and wide to bring you the hippest, trendiest,…
7 months ago

43 Elaborate Bridal Hairstyles Your Summer Wedding Needs

Your big day is all about excess. The day you get married is arguably the most important day of your life, and how your hair looks on this particular day will be scrutinized, shared, and viewed on a regular basis by anyone who happens to stop by your Facebook or Instagram page for, well, ever. So you best skip that…
8 months ago

41 Bridesmaid Hairstyles When Only The Best Will Do

While no bride wants to be outdone by one of her bridesmaids, being surrounded by beautiful women does help elevate your entire wedding game while making your girlfriends feel their best at the same time. After months of meticulously scanning bridal magazines, you've finally settled on that perfect hairstyle which will make you the most beautiful bride you've ever had…
10 months ago
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50 Low Updo Hairstyles for Sophisticated Brides

There's nothing more traditional than a low and elegant bridal updo. For as long as I can remember, some sort of updo was almost required before any type of wedding contract could even be signed. Even today, wedding updos are as popular as ever. But why are bridal updos so popular? We spoke to seasoned stylist Mary Collins, who has…
11 months ago
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50 Prom Hairstyles That Are Totally 2017

This is our list of the best prom hairstyles for 2017. Since prom is the social event of the year for most high schoolers, getting it right—hairstyle, dress, makeup, etc.—probably seems like the only thing that matters in life for a good 2 to 3 months before the big night. It's also half the fun. Here, 50 perfect prom hairstyles…
11 months ago
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53 Braided Wedding Hairstyles All Brides Should See

Browse any wedding hairstyle article and you'll find it overflowing with braided hairstyles. Their formal elegance and unrivaled beauty is something that just can't be denied. The first dilemma that most brides face is whether to wear their hair up or down. The next step is usually working out what type of braid or braids you're going to have. These…
1 year ago
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40 Gorgeous Wedding Updos For 2016

Up or down. That's usually the first question a bride asks herself when pondering what hairstyle she'll sport on her big day. Long is beautiful, luxurious, and classic. But a sexy and sleek updo makes life so much easier and can be a Godsend especially if you're going to be in a hot and humid climate. Let's take a look…
2 years ago
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40 Romantic Bridal Updos With Flowers

Hum. What to wear on your big day and how to wear it. That's probably a question you've gone over a million times in your head before and the answer is as elusive and ever-changing as it is important. However, if you've decided on a trendy updo accented with florals than this article is for you. Here are 40 completely…
2 years ago