These Festival Hairstyles Will Go Down As Some of The Greatest

Emily Gold 03-21-2018 AM ET / 0 Shares

The weather is starting to get warmer and that means festivals. We can’t actually do your hair for you but we can help you plan your next look. From shaved patterns to colorful cornrows, here are 60 festival hairstyles that will get you all the snaps this summer.

Four strand waterfall braid with fishtails.

Four strand waterfall braid and fishtail combo by Jessica Ybarra

(Jessica Ybarra)

Braids and beach waves.

Braids and beach waves by Sarah Potempa

(Sarah Potempa)

Cornrow bun.

 Cornrow bun by Fern the Barber

(Fern the Barber)

Mixed braid with big earrings.

Mixed braid with big earrings by Antonio Estrada

(Antonio Estrada)

Bandana ponytail.

Bandana ponytail by Chrissy Rasmussen

(Chrissy Rasmussen)

Geometric roots.

Geometric roots by Allen Thomas Wood

(Allen Thomas Wood)

Bubblegum pink braid.

Bubblegum pink braid by Iryna


Boho braid.

Boho braid by Suzie K

(Suzie K)

Baby braid.

Baby braid by Natalie Anne

(Natalie Anne)

Hair rings.

Hair rings by Alisha Jared Hair Artistry

(Alisha Jared Hair Artistry)