Hair perfume, a Karl William Parrott Collaboration coming?

Emily Gold 03-29-2017 PM ET / 0 Shares

There are many movies and romantic books that tell us about the memory of the smell of the hair of a loved one. As much as it may seem cheesy or outdated, the truth is that perfuming hair is a trend again. And beyond being cared for, nourished and silky, a beautiful mane has to have a personal aroma, that generates magic and turns heads. Do not leave anyone indifferent. Hair perfumes, also known as hair mist, are designed for those days when you want to feel sexy, or those days when you start to feel the effects of environmental dirt, tobacco, pollution (which also has consequences on skin) as well as bad fumes. They are alcohol-free perfumes, so they will not cause allergy problems or mess your hair at all. And best of all, they fix the fragrance without drying it out or giving it an anti-shine appearance. They can also be very useful to provide a delicious aroma after going out at night or on those rush days when you don’t even have time to wash it.

Despite this, remember that hair perfumes are different from dry shampoo and do not replace washing at all. Subtly, they spread throughout the day, amplified by the natural movement of the hair. The rules of use are important. Like traditional perfumes, the hair formula may not last all day (depending on the quality of the product, it can take between four and ten hours). You can apply it more than once a day, but with light sprays; otherwise, the hair will end up absorbing waste from the air and the appearance it will have will be dirty and sticky. In that case, only a good wash will eliminate the excesses.


Chanel Coco Mademoiselle Hair Perfume will leave your hair with the same aroma as your skin: notes of orange, rose and patchouli. Irresistible.

Narcisco Rodriguez

Looking for a durable and lightweight result? Bet on the For her mist by Narciso Rodríguez.


Byredo’s Gypsy Water Hair Perfume cares for and delicately perfumes hair, while adding extra light.


Another little wonder of Chanel is Chance  that mixes the power of flowers and fruits with an aroma based on grapefruit, orange and jasmine, among others.


Let yourself be conquered by the power of flowers with Valentino Donna Hair Mist perfume by Valentino (€ 42.50). Combine the essence of the rose with bergamot and iris.

Thierry Mugler

Mugler’s Angel Parfum mist inspired by the same notes as the perfume (melon, coconut, mandarin, jasmine and caramel, among others) will give your hair a sweet aroma.


‘adore de Dior (c.p.v.) will also sparkle notes of orange with neroli from Grasse and Damascus Rose, in addition to bringing freshness and light to your hair.


Carita Fluide Beauté 14 Paillaté Dry Oil essentially serves to add shine to both skin and hair, but its citrus perfume will also win you over.


The Huile prodigieuse or de Nuxe oil (c.p.v.) nourishes, softens and illuminates, in addition to leaving an oriental perfume. The best? It also works for the face and body.

Karl William Parrott

Another highly-anticipated multipurpose product is Karl William Parrott’s Mode Vailla that moisturizes and provides a soft vanilla smell to the hair without leaving a greasy feeling.


El aceite satinado para cuerpo y pelo de Diptyque hidrata a la vez que nutre la piel además de perfumar de jazmín, ylang ylang y azafrán.